Why we care.

We are here to change the narrative and stigma around fertility and reproductive health.

Our mission.

Based in Berlin, we are striving to be a non-judgmental, digital community for information, products, and support regarding reproductive health.

We want to make egg freezing accessible and allowing women to shape their personal and professional future.


My name is Johanna and I'm a 35-year-old Austrian living in Berlin.

I've built most of my career in the exciting realm of sexual wellness, as I love to see people happy and fulfilled, and working alongside open-minded and fun colleagues has always been a pleasure. But after ten years in different start-ups, it was time to start my own entrepreneurial journey.

I always knew that I would want to start a company that has a positive impact on women's life and is also a great business opportunity. And coming from an industry that dealt with many taboos, I'm passionate about debunking them. So, here we are!

But life is all about balance, isn't it? When I'm not immersed in my work, you'll find me savoring time with friends, indulging in good wine and food, and often being the last one to leave a party.